WOIS Film Fest is an initiative by the School of Media and Communication (SoMC), Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), Dubai campus, which creates the opportunity to showcase and nurture the art of film making. We aim to collaborate and work with influencers, filmmakers, students and directors across the regional landscape. We have created a platform to showcase short films from both, international as well as a regional audience.


WOIS Film Fest creates a learning atmosphere comprising of free film screenings, workshops, competitions, panel discussions, and networking opportunities. The festivals includes a diverse program in terms of genre, theme, and style through a non-competitive category that welcomes short films from all over the world, This year we are aiming to cultivate more talent through intense workshops presented by experienced individuals from within the film industry. WOIS 2019 will be a three-day event which will feature 70 short films (from over 3500 submissions).The winning entries go home with heaps of exposure and grand prizes


Faculty members and students of SoMC are all set to continue the saga of WOIS Film Fest with its 2nd edition to be held from April 9 - 11th, 2019 for the art, craft, profession, passion, love, and life that is cinema.