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⁃ UAE Shorts

⁃ UAE Student Shorts

⁃ UAE University Shorts



How to Submit?


We proudly accept entries via FilmFreeway, an online submission platform dedicated to film festivals. Please upload your film along with all necessary information and submit through the following link. Submission to our festival is free of charge!


Link to be attached: Film Freeway




Rules and Regulations


⁃ Overall runtime must not exceed 30 minutes for UAE Shorts and 15 minutes for International Shorts

⁃ Completed after September 2017

⁃ Languages other than English must accompany English subtitles

⁃ Content should be suitable for audience including family and children

⁃ Must own all necessary copyrights or permissions from the copyright holders

⁃ Must respond to communications from the festival team within 3 working days

⁃ Poster, trailer, and snippets from the entry may be used for promotional activities

⁃ Festival reserves the right to modify these rules or offer waivers as per their discretion